Industry Consultation

Training and Assessments delivered by any RTO need to have their learning resources validated in consultation with an industry professional. It is important that the assessments that are being used to assess the vocational competency of learners be confirmed that they meet the skills required in industry. It is also important that VET trainers have current skills and competencies for the qualification or training they deliver and assess. The assessment tools and resources that are used to qualify a learner must confirm the current practices in the industry and the competent learners meet the current skill requirements of the jobs. Learning tools and resources need to be validated to confirm they are relevant to industry and it is mandatory for trainers to have current industry skills. For quality training, RTOs need to consult the industry and the experts to maximise benefit to the learners and the needs of the market for quality training.

How Can We Assist You?

For any RTO, it is important to document training resources that are industry relevant and trainers have current industry engagement. This has been an area where RTOs can lag behind without answers for its industry engagement activities and the evidence for it.

It becomes difficult for RTO to have direct industry relation and maintain this industry engagement. In many instances, training the trainers with all current market skills is not viable in small RTO because of the infrastructure and dedicated workplace environment. And for RTO with many qualifications, it is difficult to have many connections and documenting updates from the trainers regarding their industry engagement become hectic if there is no systematic approach to it.

We have a proven procedure and template for industry consultation, where we analyse the RTO requirements and produce a solution to fulfil the requirements. This includes consultation and development of an action plan for industry engagement.

We can help you with industry consultation for training courses on:
  • Business
  • Information Technology
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Community

Other industry consultation fields?  …Please contact us!

Our job recruitment services and job network will also help your employees to get in touch with the current industry. This arrangement can be confirmed once position descriptions and arrangements are available.