Learning & Resource Development

We develop resources that are fully customised for your RTO. Our tools and materials have ensured successful audits.

We have highly qualified and experienced industry experts who can provide you with learning resources for the training packages and other materials.

Why our Resources?
  • Contextualised to your industry and delivery mode.
  • Fully compliant with the standards
  • Editable and tailored with your RTO information.
  • Our training packages are structured based on unit and instance where

few units have been organised with a holistic approach. 

Our Training package includes:
  • Training and Assessment Strategy
  • Trainer and Assessor Guide
  • Assessment Mapping with Unit of Competency
  • Assessments (in pdf/word document format)
  • Marking Guide for Trainer
  • Observation List for Student Performance
  • Lecture Presentation PowerPoint slides
  • Applications
  • Learners Engagement Activities (applicable as per Units)