Professional Development & Training

We have a network with industry professionals to bring workshops and professional development for your organisation’s staff so that it ensures current industry practices and fulfils the required and current competencies of their job requirement.

Professional Development can be in any forms such as organised webinar/seminar, in-house training, RTO software training, regulatory compliance training, support and services training, reporting training and data management training. Even all trainers need to be trained for different aspects of your RTO operation, particularly on policies and procedures. However, for all employees including trainers in RTO benefits the organisation in several ways so that it helps to ensure that current industry skills sets are being practised for their work and delivery and hence all qualify as competent employees.

It is a duty of an RTO to organise professional development workshops or arrange for staff professional development to make trainers aware of all current updates in their industry of their profession.

We have industry partners who can help you not just in the professional development of your RTO, but also on management system development and implementation workshop with employee awareness programs.

Please contact us for any queries for professional development needs of your RTO as we also provide customised training programs.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is used across many industries and considered the prime means by which professionals mention and enhance their skills and knowledge. With the ever changing face of Vocational Education and Training, ongoing CPD is essential to support trainer and assessors to maintain their competencies.

Our Professional Development programs offer educational professionals, a wide range of programs, and events with flexible delivery options, to develop personal skills and improve overall business performance.

Our programs are designed to:
  • Improve the quality of Training and Assessment
  • Improve on the job performance and productivity
  • Gain new skills and knowledge.