RTO Consulting

The Australian education industry has seen massive growth in recent decades and became one of the largest and most lucrative industries. If you would like to fulfil your dream of owning a reputable and highly-profitable RTO into reality, our experts can guide you through every step of the application process and establishment of a new RTO.

We provide guidance to your team as we move ahead with the registration process so that you will be ready to take enrolments as soon as your business is registered as an RTO.

We have been involved in establishing up over 100 RTOs including CRICOS RTOs since 2010, and provide a one-stop service covering full RTO application, establishing the facility and ensuring the most efficient operations.


Applying For New RTO Or Renewing Registration

Application Scope For New RTO

We are standing by to help if you are looking to operate a new RTO. We can help you confidently deal with the legal obligations, risk management and procedures for a new RTO. Without this knowledge beside you, there is the risk of joining a large number of business ventures that fail either at start-up or within a short time. Our personalised services and consultation rely on our unique Cogninet analysis tools will help you identify your competitive strengths over others, identify weaknesses that may limit reaching your full potential, and explore ways to optimise the opportunities and minimise the threats to the business. We are available to draw upon our track record of helping organisations through to successful operations and business return.

Assistance Outline
  1. Your initial consultation with us is free, with no strings attached. Through our business intelligence and research, we will help you to identify the most sought-after and highly regarded qualifications in Australia. We will help to identify suitable and affordable locations, develop strategies to employ the best staff and develop the best course materials. This preliminary investigation and analysis help to finalise the overall pathway to the successful launch of your RTO.
  2. The next step is to develop the business plan, financial viability assessment (financial audits), staff and trainer recruitment, learning resources development and all policies and procedures that are required for successful registration and operations. No RTO can operate without a chain of trusted business partners and we will introduce you to potential partners including recruitment agencies, learning resource developers, and accounting firms. We offer a low-stress pathway to successful registration and profitable operations with a strong reputation for quality that will help to attract students.
  3. After the documentation is finalised along with the financial audits, we help with marketing to ensure a stream of students once approval to operate has been granted.
Recommendations To Fast Track The Registration
  • Keep it simple: apply with plans to offer only one or two qualifications, others can be added after the first qualification has been approved.
  • For an existing RTO, we will perform internal audits and focus on continuous improvement and professional development plan without hindering your normal operations.
  • Make use of our proven systems and services to strengthen compliance.
  • You will have a dedicated Case Manager from our team who will work in close interaction with you through the whole process to completion.
Assistance With Policies And Procedures

Day to day operation of an RTO must be accompanied by policies for smooth operation and all RTOs have different needs of their own. We work with you to build policies for detailed quality delivery and effective assessments to adhere with RTO compliance.

We customise new policies to meet the unique requirements of your RTO.

All our procedures are based on current VET Industry best practices and informed by our extensive research.